Our simulator is designed to provide the most realistic experience possible

180 Degree Screen

Helisim R22R is equipped with 6 HD-beamers to project the outside world on a curved 180 degree screen surrounding the simulator.

Real cockpit and instrument panel

While flying the helicopter you’ll be constantly alternating between what you feel and see outside and checking the instrument panel. The instrument panel of Helisim R22R is completely realistic. During the instruction you’ll be introduced to the instruments and how to use them.

Movement, Sound and vibration

A small helicopter like the Robinson R22 is very sensitive to wind and control input. To simulate this experience we’re equipped with a moving platform that can move in all (6) directions, specially designed speakers, and large ventilators that will blow air down around the cockpit.

Virtual Reality

Besides our massive screen we also offer a virtual reality add-on. The HTC Vive pro VR goggles can be worn by the pilot or passenger and shows the same image as the main screen.



Treat yourself or a friend to this unforgettable experience