Treat yourself or a friend to this unforgettable experience

Helisim gift vouchers are the perfect gift for any special occasion where the goal is to treat someone to an unforgettable experience. Our duo packages make for an exciting date or family event.

Guided tour

30 minutes


30 minute flight

Would you like to experience a smooth stress free helicopter flight? One of our instructors will take you for a flight through the mountainous parts of Alaska. Experience the freedom of helicopter flight without leaving the ground.

Solo introduction

60 minutes


20 minutes briefing

20 minutes solo instruction

20 minutes flying

After a short briefing and introductory lesson the instructor will get out of the helicopter so you can practice flying yourself. Can you safely land a helicopter?

Duo introduction

120 minutes


20 minutes briefing

2 x 20 minutes solo instruction

60 minutes duo flying

Solo introduction for two. After a short briefing you’ll each receive a personal instruction. When not flying you can see your mate’s performance live on a TV screen. After the personal instructions you can both take your place in the helicopter to continue flying together.

Freedom flying

60 minutes


60 minutes flying

Do you want more than just introduction or you have experience flying a helicopter? Then you can rent the simulator without the corresponding instruction. This service has been specially created to maintain and / or improve your skills for a low price. For "Freedom flying" you must have flown at HelisimR22R or a helicopter license can be shown.

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