Flying is about experiencing. Helisim R22R has been designed to provide a realistic flight experience without the costs of flying a real helicopter

In order to recreate the ultimate flying experience Helisim R22R utilises cutting edge technology. The moment you start your engine the powerful sound system makes the cockpit rumble and shake. After take-off the motion platform makes you feel all movements of the helicopter. Finally the 180 degree curved screen guarantees full emersion. In short, Helisim R22R is the best way to experience flying without leaving the ground!

Our service is meant for anyone looking to experience helicopter flying but is not ready to start flying a real helicopter (yet). Our beginner challenge is to safely land the helicopter after a mere 20 minutes of instruction. For aspiring pilots or simulator enthusiasts Helisim R22R offers independent training sessions for a fraction of the costs of a real flight.


What will you choose?


Guided tour

One of our instructors will take you for a 30 minute flight through the mountainous terrain of Alaska.

Solo introduction

A 60 minute experience containing a briefing, guided instruction and 20 minutes of solo flying.

Duo introduction

After briefing and instruction you’ll spend an hour in the simulator. Who will you take?

Freedom flying

Did you enjoy our introduction or do you have prior experience as a helicopter pilot? Rent our simulator without instruction.



One of our instructors will introduce you to the controls of an R22 Robinson helicopter.​


Into the helicopter! After completing the starting sequence we take 20 minutes to teach you the basics of helicopter flight.​


After the instruction fly solo or together with your friend. Of course the instructor is nearby and will provide additional assistance when required.

What people say

Great realistic fullmotion helicopter simulator.
This is where you go to truly learn to fly a helicopter!

Larissa de Groot

Fixed wing pilot

Helisim’s power is its unbeatable realism!

John Assmann

Aviation Journalist

Get the feel of flying a helicopter in a fun and affordable way.

Rob Lugtenburg

Helicopter pilot at Bristow

Though advertised as a fun experience the reality is different. If you can master this simulator you’ll surprise any instructor in a real helicopter. This simulator can help you maintain and extend your pilot skills by flying many hours in one session. Normally a very expensive undertaking. This simulator may not be certified but it is a good alternative and addition to the real thing.

Darek de Groot


Fixed wing pilot

A helicopter simulator in someone’s home. Believe it or not but I’ve tried it and it was an amazing experience, highly recommended!

Ronnie Wolff


Captain – Pilot ret.


Treat yourself or a friend to this unforgettable experience